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Improving results with a CRM and IT strategy implementation

By Guy Wallis on 31/08/16 8:30 AM

The Business Need

The SME Team within DUAL work with brokers on a day-to-day basis on new business opportunities.  Prior to January 2016 a review of their current processes highlighted areas which could be improved, particularly the recording of phone conversations, email and meetings with brokers.  Comprehensive reporting was required and the implementation of an efficient workflow tool.

Key Challenges

A number of issues had to be addressed—

  • The ability to record and track activities done by the SME Team to realise new business opportunities
  • Opportunities were recorded using Excel spreadsheets and MS Access which were not updated efficiently and were open to error.
  • The lack of a centralised database containing information about all the brokers the SME Team worked with.


Lanrex were already engaged by DUAL to provide IT services and were consulted by Frances Land, the SME Team Leader for a possible solution which addressed their revised operating requirements.  The SME Team needed a workflow strategy tool and Lanrex proposed Microsoft Dynamics.

Frances worked closely with Lanrex to ensure they had a thorough understanding of the issues and DUAL’s requirements.  She also worked closely with Lanrex during the implementation, doing testing and quality assurance.

Frances is very satisfied with the outcome, she commented, “It is a fantastic system which meets our needs and Lanrex have provided a great response to any changes we required.”

The SME Team are now able to—

  • Store and access all information about its broker firms, broker contacts and opportunities from a centralised database
  • Managers are able to seamlessly assign and manage opportunities
  • View the progress of opportunities online using the Dynamics dashboard and via various reports
  • Record their own activities using a simple interface, which also enables them to monitor their own performance.

Key Outcomes

The solution was implemented in January 2016 and has proved to have the flexibility required to meet the needs and expectations of DUAL.  The real benefit has been establishing effective workflows for the SME Team to increase their efficiency and improve their results.

The Results

Microsoft Dynamics is integrated with DUAL’s online quoting system which provides the opportunities for the SME Team to then work with the relevant brokers and track any subsequent activities.

The interaction with Office 365 has provided substantial integration of tasks, eliminating double handling and reducing operational errors.

The Dynamics dashboard with features open to all users has also stimulated healthy competition among the team members.

Frances Land complimented Lanrex on their professionalism, “Lanrex has a really good positive attitude.  They are helpful and never short of a recommendation.”  Frances added, “We do insurance, not IT and Lanrex has a very high level of expertise.”

The Future

Lanrex is working on a number of projects with DUAL enhancing not only IT but their overall business strategy.


About DUAL Australia

Established in 2004, DUAL Australia Pty Ltd is a specialist underwriting agency providing innovative insurance solutions for small to medium enterprise.

DUAL specialise in accident and health, financial lines, general liability and marine insurances.  The agency also underwrites exclusively on behalf of certain Underwriters at Lloyd's which has an S&P rating of A+ and since the late seventeenth century, has been the name which is synonymous with insurance.

DUAL has implemented an online trading platform enabling brokers to obtain instant quotations and bindings 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  It is regularly used by over 650 broking houses across Australia and resulted in more than 30,000 policies being transacted every year.

Employing more than 80 people DUAL, has four offices across Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.


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