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How can I use technology to grow my business?

As your business changes, so will your technology needs and infrastructure. We can help you spend your budget wisely, on business-ready tools that will allow your business to grow. You’ll have the option to scale services and tools quickly to adjust to your business needs and continue sales growth and improvement of productivity. We’ll get to know your business from the very beginning, meaning we can implement technology that grows with your changing needs. Enabling you to have freedom, flexibility and control of your software and the way you and your staff interact with it.

Should my business be in the cloud?

The simple answer is yes. In order to create a more agile business with less effort and lower capital expenditure, moving to cloud computing is a necessity. But, the degree to which your business relies on the cloud infrastructure is really up to you and can be as flexible as you need it to be. We can help you with the intricacies of cloud migration and allow you to make a successful transition. Some of the incentives for moving to the cloud include: faster database, scaleable file storage, database portability, and reduced hardware costs and maintenance.

How do I find the best voice and data for my business needs?

The best time to start looking into new networks is before your business in in firefighting mode. But this doesn't stop many businesses (maybe yourself included) from expanding their network only after their infrastructure has reached capacity and problems are beginning to occur. Lanrex can help to deliver solutions and fully manage your transition to a new network with upgraded and modern equipment. Some of the things we've assisted businesses with include: finding affordable fibre connectivity, enterprise voice solutions leveraging Skype for Business, international/nationwide roaming National Broadband Networks (NBN), virtual Private Networks (VPN), and low-cost Business Broadband (delivered via ADSL).

Do you provide support with Office 365?

We offer support with implementing, managing, and maintaining your Office 365 suite. We understand how frustrating it can be to not know how things work and many I.T companies just throw a load of tech speak at you. Our team makes sure they step you through everything they're implementing using plain language that you can understand.  This allows you to have more peace of mind and empowers you and your staff to understand the technology your business is using and why it is the best choice for you.

How do I use technology to do sales and marketing?

Targeted marketing is your chance to engage directly with customers demonstrate your impact and ultimately build your brand presence. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows your marketing team to plan ahead, execute strategy and measure campaigns across your business channels. Use real-time analytics and marketing resource management to demonstrate your impact on the market. We can assist you in implementing sales and marketing software to allow your team to analyse and measure how effective your strategies are. Don't wait to get a report at the end of your marketing to sales campaign, use real-time data to streamline business marketing operations.

Should I outsource my I.T?

Outsourcing your I.T function can be the best solution dependant on the size of your business. We recommend outsourcing for growing SMEs to give them access to the full suite of skills that keeps a business 'I.T competitive', without having to foot the bill for a full-time team. As specialists in providing outsourced I.T managed services, we're in a good position to help you find out where you are at, where you could be, and how much it would cost. And finding out won't cost you a cent.

My I.T isn’t working, how long would it take Lanrex to fix?

We know that some things simply need to get done straight away. They might not be the long-term fixes, but they'll keep you operating. Think of it as I.T first aid. Lanrex can provide I.T support and resolve your critical issues and once immediate emergencies are dealt with help you develop a longer term plan.  Call on 1300 526 739 for immediate assistance.

Still have questions?

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can assist your business with the right tech solutions.
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