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How to access the hidden talent pool and improve employee engagement by leveraging technology

By Jodie Korber on 25/08/15 10:00 AM

As an owner of a Small to Medium sized business, it is understood you want to attract top talent to your business, too often we stress and wonder how can we compete with our big business competitors in attracting and sustaining our top talent candidates.

"A great culture provides the context for people to deliver their best work."

The good news - with today’s technology boom, SME are able to compete with big businesses like never before – as long as we are ‘on trend’ with technology. Studies have estimated that the financial impact of hiring a top performer is 10 – 100x the person’s compensation. Therefore, hiring a single top performer at $100,000 per annum salary has the potential for adding $1 million to $10 million to a company’s revenue each and every year that the new hire remains with the firm. (Adler, L 2012)

Employees today increasingly see the benefits of working for Start-ups and Small-Medium businesses. Amongst some of the benefits the most promising are - The ability for role flexibility, closer mentoring from Senior Executives and faster career progression prospects.

Technology has the capabilities to automate recruiting and staffing activities which can lead to improved candidate quality through stringent application processing, efficient hiring processes, increased workforce productivity, and importantly technology assists with better business performance.Access hidden talent pool

More than ever top candidates are quick to walk away from job opportunities that offer ‘awkward technology’ such as unclear processes and a disengaged working culture.

Managed IT Services - A Solution

With software solutions and applications having moved to a new model —software as a service (SaaS)—organisations of all sizes can take advantage of these sophisticated features and functions that were once upon a time only available to large enterprises.

SaaS technology can now be used as a foundation for several functions of the HR department. Corresponding costs and resources have now been removed from the equation, because the investment in infrastructure is no longer needed with Cloud Technologies—the internet is now the infrastructure.

Use Technology to CONNECT People, Places & Ideas

Employees like the fact that technology can be used to connect people, places, and ideas through meetings, events and interactive media. A study by CISCO showed that companies that have moved to flexible and mobile workplace strategies are seeing improvements in productivity and up to 20% in cost savings.

It is believed that companies which have a high degree of employee engagement have a 37% lower absenteeism rate than other companies, driving down costs and increasing profits.

Access to hidden talent pool


With workplace demographics changing – Employees are demanding more flexibility, mobility (work anywhere, anytime), the ability to easily collaborate with their team members and share information both internally and externally are all huge factors when top talent are deciding which job offer to take.

where do employees fit in IT strategy

So what can I do for my small business IT support? 

It is now easier than ever for SMB’s to compete with big business competitors by leveraging technology. SMB's can offer great benefits such as greater role flexibility, superior mentoring, additional promotions (praise) for good work and a strong technological infrastructure. 

Find out how your business can leverage technology and increase your chances of attracting top talent.

Just remember, what can be measured can be improved.


Get in touch with the best IT support in Sydney today, to start leveraging technology to increase your employee engagement. 

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