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Empowering Your Employees with the Right IT Strategy

By Jodie Korber on 28/06/17 4:05 PM

Making the right IT investment can have a positive ripple effect across your entire organisation almost immediately. In terms of engaging with your clients alone, it’s difficult to find a single decision that is more valuable. Acquiring new clients, finding new ways to increase client retention through innovative experiences, and even getting a better understanding of the clients you already have are all dramatically easier with the right resources.

Real-time, actionable data insights and analytics give you powerful new opportunities to personalise client interactions, for example, gaining a 360-degree view of your client’s relationships and interactions across sales, service, marketing, and other channels.

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From an operational perspective, IT can also be a terrific way to streamline processes by reducing time spent on labour-intensive manual processes and to meet regulatory requirements at the exact same time. The modern-day IT infrastructure is built in a way that allows you to deploy new services and experiences in an organic, scalable way via either a move completely into the cloud or by integrating cloud services with your on-premises servers.

But it is mission critical for you to understand that none of this will mean anything without the right, objective-driven strategy at the heart of it all. Because IT procurement isn’t just about giving your employees access to “the best tools that modern technology has to offer.” It’s about giving them the perfect tool that they need to accomplish their objectives and to meet the requirements of today while better preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

With the right IT strategy, you’re investing every bit as much into the future of your employees as you are into the future of your organisation as a whole. Or at least, that’s the way you should be thinking about it.


Your IT Strategy and Your Employees: What You Need to Know

With an IT strategy that aligns your hardware and software resources with the goals that matter most for your business and your employees, you’re unlocking a huge variety of different benefits you won’t find anywhere else. You’re enabling employees to get more done and achieve a much higher level of job satisfaction than ever before. You’re not making purchases for the sake of it — you’re providing your team with the tools they need to increase flexibility and encourage innovation across the board, all driven by the interpersonal interactions that are at the heart of any business.

Unified communications, enterprise social, collaborative resources — these are all tools that increase the agility of your employees, allowing them to be productive on their own terms from PCs to phones, tablets, and beyond.

The right IT strategy also goes a long way towards not just enabling teamwork from anywhere and on any device, but creating an environment where it becomes the path of least resistance by its very nature. The right IT tools deployed in the right way encourage professionals to collaborate with their peers, whether it comes to hosting online meetings or collaborating on documents in real-time and more.

It’s no secret that businesses are creating more data now than they have at any point in human history. According to Forbes, there will be 1.7 megabytes of new data created for every human being every second by as soon as 2020. IT may allow you to create and house that data, but it is your IT strategy that allows your employees to actually use it in the ways they need to do their jobs better.

Your IT strategy is the driver that allows your employees to make faster, better, and more informed decisions based on real-time communication information. Your strategy is what empowers your team members with instant access to relevant content. It’s what gives them the opportunity to analyse market and competitive data and to effortlessly create interactive visualisation to bring new trends and pressing issues to light.

All of these lead to a number of positive ramifications for the very future of your organisation. Empowering your employees with the right IT strategy lets you increase employee retention and improve morale. It’s what reduces employee turnover — remember, it costs much more money to hire a new employee than it does to retain an existing one. It strengthens workplace agility, improves business insights, and ultimately generates a seismic shift in the quality of the work that your employees are doing and the level of pride they’re able to take in it.

But without the right IT strategy, these are organisational and operational benefits that will always be slightly out of reach.


An Investment in IT Is an Investment in Your Employees

One of the biggest mistakes that business professionals make involves the assumption that IT is only about purchasing the latest and greatest equipment based on spec sheets and industry trends. At the end of the day, you’re just talking about hardware and software — powerful resources, yes, but meaningless without the right strategy at the heart of it all.

You could outspend your largest competitor significantly in terms of IT procurement, but it will ultimately mean nothing if you don’t have the unique, malleable strategy you need to bring it all together. IT resources are a means to an end — they are not the end in and of themselves.

The real reason why IT is so important is because an investment in this area is really an investment in what matters most — your employees. These are tools that they’ll be using every day to work smarter, not harder, and to accomplish essential short- and long-term business objectives. To that end, developing the unique, outcome-driven strategy that is custom-built for your business and nobody else’s is the key to all of this.

If you still have additional questions about empowering your employees with the right IT strategy, or if you’d like to get personalised recommendations from true experts in the field, don’t delay — contact Lanrex today.