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Embrace the Digital Workforce for Digital Transformation

By Sarika Vatner on 8/12/15 10:00 AM

A digital workspace is the conglomerate of digital tools provided by an organisation to its employees that allow them to complete their jobs. This include all hardware and software that is used by the organisation for example HR

 systems, email, Calendaring, intranet and many more.


Lanrex like to describe the digital workspace and the virtual equivalent of the physical workplace, it is a system that needs to be planned and managed coherently as it is a fundamental feature of employees’ productivity, engagement and overall job satisfaction.

Today, employees want more freedom to work, anytime, from any place anywhere in the world. The heart of any digital workplace is the people.

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate driving changes not only in the digital workplace but also the physical workplace, managers need to address the opportunity of a digital workplace as a whole coordinating it between technology, processes and most importantly its people.

The digital workplace should be better able to facilitate innovative and flexible working practices, it should be deliberate and it should be ongoing. The most visible benefits of digital workplaces are the use of technologies and ways of working that allow people to connect, collaborate, communicate and co-operate with each other without having to be in the same place.

Digital workplaces encompass all technologies that people use to get work done, it is not just the implementation of an intranet, a social networking site or about being a social business.

Digital workplaces matter because they break up the way in which people interact with their physical place of work, successful digital workplaces free employees on how they work, how they form teams and how the organisation comes together. They (Digital Workplaces) empower your employees to be creative….wherever they are, and this is where competitive advantage is born.

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