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Our Specialties

Once we look at your operations we can then identify specific problem areas that need improvement.


Digital Workspaces

The traditional workplace is changing and technology needs to catch up to provide more flexibility for your businesses and employees. Lanrex can help you create a mobile office by setting up digital workspaces that allow your staff to work from the cloud, access documents anywhere, schedule video conferences and online meetings (through Skype for Business), and know when colleagues are online and how to reach them.



Accessing work files and applications when you’re on the go can get pretty frustrating. Integrate your business applications so that they seamlessly connect with yoursmartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Lanrex will assist you in integrating technology that will support day-to-day business without you even realising it’s there.


Cloud and Infrastructure

Lanrex can help your business migrate to the cloud to lower costs, increase productivity, and become more agile. Being on the cloud will improve the speed of your database, allow you to scale your file storage up or down at a lower cost, and give you the freedom to access your business database offsite. If needed, our IT solutions can help you integrate your cloud hosting with onsite storage to create a combination that works for your business.


Security and Compliance

You can never be too careful with the security and compliance of your IT services. You can trust that we will put measures in place to thoroughly protect your technology from the potentially fatal attacks of hackers, malware, and viruses. Using the latest and frequently updated technology, we’ll protect your business against email threats, protect your cloud data security, and protect your online infrastructure. To enable you to meet compliance requirements, Lanrex implements software to retain mail records and documents, prevent data leaks and data loss, and track and control changes to email messages.


Business Continuity and Recovery

The greatest threat to your service continuity is actually is actually human errors. Statistics show this is the case. But never fear, our backup and disaster recovery means we account for all minor and major events—whether they are hardware and software failures, human errors, or natural disasters. We’ll capture your business data and store it safely so that any downtime you may incur is significantly reduced and we have your technology restored quickly—minimising your costs and lost productivity time.


Help Desk Support

Most other technology businesses point you in the right direction or give you a map without any further guidance along the way. The Lanrex Help Desk is here to help you at any time you need the support. And don’t worry, we won’t speak geek.