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Is your IT infrastructure holding your business back? In today's rapidly evolving world, asking this question is essential to growth. Having the right technological infrastructure is imperative to a business' success. Nowadays, it is no longer a viable solution for businesses to rely on rigid and uncooperative IT. 

Gone are the days when using a waterfall system produced the optimal results. Instead, as IT has advanced, the time has come for businesses to move into an age where a technical architecture is both responsive and agile, so that your business can grow at the rate it needs to.

With this in mind, perhaps the right question to ask is, "how can I change my technical architecture to respond to changing or growing business needs?"


The Benefits of Choosing the Right Technical Architecture

The challenge of rigid IT is that it can cause businesses to operate at slower speeds. When your IT lacks flexibility, you are unable to reduce travel costs, eliminate hardware expenses, meet rigid compliance regulations, or achieve the mobile parameters needed for conducting business on a global scale. In short, outdated IT architectures reduce the overall ROI of your business, while simultaneously causing frustrations amongst your employees.

Fortunately, there are solutions such as Microsoft's Enterprise offerings. The Microsoft Enterprise suite is built to deliver the support and maintenance needed to deliver the optimal results for growing businesses. With the help of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you can stop feeling as if your company's IT choices are hindering your ability to succeed. Instead, you can enjoy working with a team of experts who understand your pain, know how to implement the right solution, and can help you enjoy the following benefits of a technical architecture that is built for growth and speed.

  • Improved technical migrations to provide increased efficiencies, reduced overhead, and lowered costs. As your business grows, so too will your technical needs, which is why your chosen IT architecture needs to be scalable to meet both current and future business needs.
  • Quality customer support to avoid the “printer fails to print” dilemma, or the “why isn't my email syncing with my devices” conundrum.
  • Speaking of email, Microsoft Office provides a fully virtualised email and file-sharing server that provides secure access via the cloud. Multiple levels of security, including the Office 365 Message Encryption, help keep your vital business communications safe from prying eyes. 
  • Proven disaster recovery services are automatically implemented to secure vital business data in all types of unexpected conditions.
  • Achieve a higher ROI with improved business communications, courtesy of Skype for Business. Studies show that businesses can save upwards of $100,000 USD in three years when they use Skype for Business to conduct web conferences and video calls. This handy feature also has an integrated connection to a user's Outlook and SharePoint accounts to eliminate outdated and cumbersome file-sharing processes in favour of a streamlined approach that reduces meeting times and increases communication efficiencies, all to generate a higher ROI.

It isn't a secret that we live in a world where mobile is often considered the linchpin to a business' success. However, we also live in a world where digital security must be paramount, if we are to protect our vital business data from falling into the wrong hands. Office 365 leverages the power of a secure cloud-based infrastructure that is designed to give your business the flexibility that it needs to access data via a secure network from any approved device. Whether you want to use your tablet or desktop, smartphone or laptop, the cloud component of Office 365 ensures that you can streamline communications, stay up to date at all hours of the day or night, and, most importantly, maintain the security of your data.

By leveraging the right technical architecture you can move away from a rigid and uncooperative IT into a world where your IT is agile and built to respond. This transition can be aided by the Office 365 cloud-based infrastructure to result in the following benefits: 

  • Reduced costs associated with expensive hardware updates and maintenance.
  • Lowered capital cost associated with leasing or purchasing required hardware for in-house data storage solutions.
  • When compared to other data storage formats, the Office 365 secure cloud-based infrastructure shows an average of 40 percent savings over five years for most businesses.
  • Lower the time, stress, cost, and operation interruptions of having an internal IT team consistently complete server refreshes. 


The Bottom Line: Let an MSP Guide Your Business into the Future

Don't let a rigid and uncooperative IT infrastructure slow you and your business down. Instead, with the help of a trusted MSP, such as Lanrex, you can bring your business into the future. Enjoy all of the ROI-enhancing benefits that an agile and responsive technical architecture has to offer. Isn't it time that you stopped wondering why your current IT was slowing you down? It’s time to make a change and benefit from the efficiencies and speed that the right IT solution can provide.

We’re creating a business that provides unlimited potential for our team. We believe that each and every team member has an equal opportunity to play a strategic and impactful role.