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 AgriRisk was established in 1989 as one of the first specialist rural insurance brokers in Australia. The business has always paid special attention to client relationships, personal service, and targeted advice to a range of agricultural operations from large corporate and supply chain agribusinesses to the smallest family farms, seasonal contractors, agronomists, rural professionals. and supply chain businesses.

With three locations in Australia, AgriRisk offers crop and general insurances and also specialises in difficult, complex risk solutions for larger corporate agribusinesses in the non-traditional insurance market.

The Business Need

As a small to medium business, AgriRisk realised very early on that technology wasn’t their core strength. They understood that they required specialist knowledge to achieve the best results. For many years they have outsourced their IT requirements while still keeping the necessary infrastructure in-house.

In order to remain current and ensure they have the best possible solutions for their business, AgriRisk has always had a regular audit of their IT systems done by an independent consultant. It was when an audit revealed unsatisfactory issues, AgriRisk decided to look for an alternative provider.

High on their list of requirements was a provider who partnered with “best of breed” companies — a Microsoft Gold Level partner with solid hardware partnerships and networking solutions such as Cisco. Their IT provider also needed to be proactive and stay current with IT trends. They found all of these requirements in Lanrex.

AgriRisk’s Key Challenges

Having several office locations was one challenge for the business but what was more pressing was third-party specialist applications essential to AgriRisk’s operations, such as their main insurance broking platform. This application must always remain compatible with the overall IT operating environment.

IT Support & Consultancy Solution

Lanrex provided IT support and consultancy to AgriRisk, managing their day-to-day operations, reporting and resolving any issues which may arise, and giving advise on updates and improvements.

Regular IT audits have been done and since their partnership with Lanrex, no irregularities or issues have occurred. All AgriRisk staff have access to Lanrex should they experience any IT problems, which are duly recorded and included in monthly reports to AgriRisk’s Financial Controller, John Anderson.

Due to the widespread locations of their clients, AgriRisk staff members are often mobile — using tablets and smartphones to access pertinent information while on the road. Not only do they need access to AgriRisk systems, but they also need access to a range of insurers, depending on the type of insurance coverage required by the client, for information and to provide detailed quotations.

Key Outcomes & Results

The high level of service provided by Lanrex to AgriRisk is key to the longevity of their partnership, which commenced in 2008.

John Anderson commented, “Lanrex always employs good people who work hard to solve any issues, no issues are hidden away, and they are always upfront. Lanrex is proactive, discusses futures, and actively participates in where you are heading.”

Even though all staff can access their IT support, John receives monthly reports so he remains fully briefed.

The Future for AgriRisk

While cloud computing hasn’t yet been on the AgriRisk agenda, it is part of their future thinking and will depend on key applications being enabled for that environment and Lanrex will be a part of any move to the cloud.

John is happy with the Lanrex partnership and would happily recommend them to others.

“They don’t take things for granted, they keep up-to-date and they understand where key IT players are headed. While we don’t want to be crash test dummies, we don’t want to trail behind either. We are happy to take on something new when the service is proven, it must be reliable.”

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