Hello! We're Lanrex, specialists in helping small to mid-market businesses get more from their IT.

Whether you're going through IT growing pains, efficiency or reliability issues or you simply want your IT function to do as much for your business as it possibly can, our IT Managed Services, Strategy, Infrastructure & Cloud services can help you and your people. Take a tour to find out a little more about us, then get in touch. We're ready to listen.

Our Team

To us IT isn't just about technical know-how, but the people involved and how well they communicate. And for many of our clients, that means speaking in plain English.

What we do

In a nutshell, we help businesses get
their IT function on the front foot
so that it's working as hard and
efficiently for them as possible.

How we do it

We're a little different – Don't get us wrong – we're geeks at heart, but we also understand that technical knowledge alone mightn't give you the best results.