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SCP Consulting




SCP Consulting is an engineering practice specialising in civil, structural, hydraulics and building services. With a 40 year history and offices throughout Australia, their project track record ranges from specialist advisory services to large scale developments.

Keeping up to date with technology advances to maintain the company moving forward was identified by SCP Consulting as a key business action. They needed an I.T partner to future-proof their technology needs.

Limited reporting from their managed services resulted in a limited understanding of what cyber security risks they faced, which put them at a real risk around business continuity as they lacked a “resilience” strategy. Furthermore, the consumption of service model was not unlimited. Therefore, there was a potential for an unbudgeted cost blowout.

“ We knew there were opportunities out there to be better and Lanrex was the first managed service provider that came to us and made suggestions that have moved us forward.” Kyle Doyle, Structural Engineer, SCP Consulting.

SCP Consulting partnered with Lanrex to finally address these issues. They felt they needed to align with a new partner capable of scaling and supporting the significant growth. But they also want to transition support and consultation services smoothly from their existing managed services provider, with little documentation and no business disruption.


The Approach

Lanrex clearly defined their service inclusions and our onboarding journey for SCP Consulting. A risk analysis detailing what we had inherited in terms of systems, business resilience and associated risks was presented. We also included additional security services to outline what cyber security risks SCP Consulting were facing.

We commenced with an onboarding kick off meeting followed by a 6-week site and system assessment and risk analysis before the “go live” date. A user get-to-know Lanrex session was held outlining what we were going to achieve.


The Solution

To deliver a seamless transition with no business interruption, we documented their environment and systems and reviewed and upgraded their ability to recover from an outage or event. We then moved them to an “unlimited” fixed fee per user consumption service model to better manage their budget.

We transitioned them across to Microsoft Office 365 and we also updated their conference rooms to become Microsoft Teams rooms, where clients could share documents easily.

A complete update of their server was done to keep them on the cutting edge of technology. Software upgrades, including firewall and internet capability upgrades, were completed for more business resilience and uptime. We also implemented a ticketing system for logging faults with a dedicated help desk so their team can contact us directly. Every hardware and management upgrade has been done seamlessly.


The Results

Lanrex manages our network and hardware, and we look to them to provide a solid foundation for us to build and operate our I.T. After installing a new server, we’ve seen numerous efficiencies with better connectivity, access, and information management.

Their proactive service allows us to stay on top of our I.T, with weekly reports and onsite meetings that help us plan our needs well in advance.

Lanrex has ensured we are now more competitive in our technology offering to our clients. Moving to Microsoft Office 365 has significantly lowered our printing costs by moving us away from paper to online. It also allowed us to work remotely – which has been great during the pandemic. Working from home feels the same as if we were sitting in our physical office – it’s seamless, which is great.

Now we have confidence that our data is protected, secure, and reliable through the processes and structure​s​ Lanrex have p​ut in place.​ These changes ​ensure​ that our data is checked and servers are regularly maintained, giving us the rigour, we otherwise wouldn’t have achieved ourselves.​​


Lanrex brought us into the future.

Kyle Doyle, Structural Engineer, SCP Consulting

We’re creating a business that provides unlimited potential for our team. We believe that each and every team member has an equal opportunity to play a strategic and impactful role.