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Future-proofing technology to improve update times and business operations



Control Global Logistics is a proud Australian-owned company founded in 1987. It has since grown and expanded globally, offering quality service and value added solutions that cater to the diverse needs of their customers. Their services include air freight, ocean freight and customs brokerage services, both wholesale and direct to clientele, with competitive pricing and dependable service making them a leading force in the transportation industry.

Being in this highly competitive industry, Control Global Logistics wanted to future-proof their technology so they could improve their update time and business operations through the use of the cloud. They also want their I.T to become resilient against cyber threats as logistics companies are especially vulnerable to ransomware and malware that can bring operations to a frightening standstill.

Although Control Global Logistics has an existing MSP, they felt their partner lacked the strategic approach that they need to address their growing needs and concerns. The return of investment for the I.T services that they were paying is not clear anymore which is an obvious sign that they have outgrown their MSP.


Control Global Logistics consulted Lanrex and eventually decided to entrust their I.T to us. They want us to help them quickly implement the latest tools and processes they need to grow and protect their business whilst saving on costs across the board.


How We Went About It

Lanrex immediately commenced with an onboarding kick off meeting which was followed by site and system assessment and risk analysis. These are our company’s standard procedures for all our clients before the “go live” date.


We then developed an extensive risk analysis to detail their systems, business resilience, and associated risks, coming from their previous MSP.


The Solution

Lanrex assigned a dedicated project team to assist Control Global Logistics every step of the way as they transition between MSP providers. All processes were documented including a detailed onboarding roadmap to ensure nothing gets overlooked and all runs smoothly during transition, with little to no business disruption. 


When it came to their cloud migration, Lanrex made a strategic plan upon consultations with the client’s core team mainly on what cloud environment and cloud services they want. The goal was to ensure their cloud migration goes as smoothly as possible, with no loss of data and little to no downtime. Additional security services were also put in place to address current and future cyber security risks; keeping in mind that operations downtime, whether because of cyber attack or any other reason, is not cheap.

We’re creating a business that provides unlimited potential for our team. We believe that each and every team member has an equal opportunity to play a strategic and impactful role.