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Why you should upgrade your technology

Why do you need to upgrade the information technology in your business? The answer’s simple: Moore’s Law. It can be interpreted in several ways but the most relevant for this question is that it means the information technology bang you can get for your buck roughly doubles every two years – whether that’s in processing power, storage, or general functionality

The human factor in digital transformation

Embrace the New age - If your workplace isn't digital you're already behind your competition

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4 Signs You Need to Outsource IT
By Jodie Korber
April 5, 2017

Every day, numerous articles and blog posts are published touting the benefits of digitisation. IT experts and business leaders alike explain in-depth how agility, scalability, and the ability to..

Choosing the right Emerging Technology for your Business
By Jodie Korber
December 8, 2016

You’re ahead of the game, and you’ve just invested in what you thought was the next big thing for your Business. When all of a sudden everyone’s talking about Software as a Service, Business..

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