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Why you should upgrade your technology

Why do you need to upgrade the information technology in your business? The answer’s simple: Moore’s Law. It can be interpreted in several ways but the most relevant for this question is that it means the information technology bang you can get for your buck roughly doubles every two years – whether that’s in processing power, storage, or general functionality

The human factor in digital transformation

Embrace the New age - If your workplace isn't digital you're already behind your competition

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What Are the Implications of a Data Breach in Your Organisation?
By Jodie Korber
November 14, 2019

Modern-day companies revolve around their data. But with that data comes responsibility. Your company likely archives large amounts of information: data about customers, bank accounts, intellectual..

The WannaCry Ransomware Attack: What Happened and What You Need to Know
By Jodie Korber
June 15, 2017

Ransomware — a specific type of computer virus that encrypts all data on an infected computer and holds it for ransom — is not a new concept. According to one study, ransomware emails spiked 6,000%..

What you need to know about internet security
By Jodie Korber
February 24, 2017

Australia is no stranger to internet security or IT Security breaches. In recent times, David Jones, Kmart, Woolworths, and the Red Cross Blood Service have all been victims of serious ‘cyber’..

Fail to plan, plan to fail: why SMEs must have a business continuity plan in place
By Jodie Korber
September 22, 2016

Business continuity planning is critical to an organisation’s ability to sustain operations during a significant business disruption.

Secure your Mobile Workforce – How to protect your employees on the go
By Stern Curator
October 20, 2015

With our workforce changing and the advent of bring your own device (BYOD) over the last decade, personal security threats are now being transferred to corporate threats.

Mobile phones are now able ..

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