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It is damned near impossible to fix a problem you didn’t know you had, don’t you agree?  The same paradigm applies to key business infrastructure. Without complete transparency into our businesses key infrastructure capabilities and applications we may have no idea if/when or how a breach to our security might be happening.

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Breaches that could be missed can include, but are not limited to:
  • A staff member downloading the complete system files onto a USB
  • A User account that was disabled being re-enabled for no reason
  • Accounts are accessing confidential data for extended amounts of time outside of ‘normal business hours’

Often it is the case that business owner’s aren’t sure what they are capable of auditing, and what context security breaches are happening, the examples above may be isolated activities that are within business parameters, but that is impossible to conclude if you do not understand the context in which the event is happening.

For example a contractor who worked on a project who has access to confidential data, may have had their account disabled when they finished work on the particular project. If this contractor in question begins a new project they could have their account re-enabled, (if authorised by the correct people). This event does not pose a security breach.

IT Security for Business Growth

When it comes to our businesses IT security, requirements cannot be met unless we understand the relevance of events, in relation to the activities happening in their surrounding environment. Having this related data helps us understand quicker what is happening (and why), make better decisions on whether activities can be classified as suspicious events and resolve the problems faster.

Only recently have companies big and small begun to pay more attention to the link between IT risks and business risks. To achieve a balanced and focused audit, companies should first determine the right things to audit. Key areas to consider should include:

  • Business applications
  • IT infrastructure ( operating systems, databases, network and data centres)
  • Current projects related to IT and our businesses capital spend
  • How IT is support our organisations risk management.

Today’s society calls for a stricter public policy of security and risk management, with increasing threats, vulnerabilities and regulatory compliance demands, internal IT audits have never been as necessary as they are now.

IT Audits

IT Audits are about formal verification and validation of your businesses IT systems and controls. Inefficient audits can cause distress down the track, without an appropriate IT audit scope, important IT controls within an organisation may not be fully tested (or maintained)– leading to higher levels of risk including regulatory compliance risks, especially if controls are ineffective. IT audits are a measurement of IT risk management, which translates into business risk management – which if not handled property can carry severe business impacts.

Externally managed IT services enhance a company’s top line, reduce costs and increase efficiencies for a healthier bottom line.

Some organisations enjoy an all-in approach when it comes to externally managed IT services, this is complete reliance on a third party IT consultant, to proactively enable them to drive value from their IT infrastructure.

A fully outsourced approach covers a full customer experience, including activities such as:

  • Installation
  • Adoption
  • Help Desk Packages
  • Education, Training & Development
  • Change Management, Audit & Data Recovery.

This is a good option for any size business, but particularly for small to medium-sized companies that don’t have in-house resources. Lanrex lets your business focus on its core business functions, while we provides peace of mind to C-level Executives freeing them up to strategize the ‘next big thing.’

The Lanrex objective is to proactively work with and guide our clients to increase their business value and expanding their capabilities, while minimising their risk of security breaches, we do much more than simply responding to customer incidents, issues and inquiries.

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 Why your companies IT strategy is key to businesses success


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