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Future proof your business with an IT infrastructure upgrade

By Sarika Vatner on 8/09/15 10:00 AM

Lanrex actively support and work with the SMB community in Australia and surrounds – namely PNG, Singapore and New Zealand.

We understand that many organisations are hesitant when it comes to investing in new technologies. While many organises believe that their current Infrastructure is working just fine, it has proven that holding on to the past can be quite costly to. Investing in new technologies are crucial to your organisation as a whole. If used correctly it maintains and improves business competitiveness. 

upgradeWhile the most commonly avoided change within an organisation is an IT infrastructure upgrade, a complete overhaul of ones networks can be well worth the investment with increasing efficiencies and capabilities with the whole organisation.

Usually the main driving forces often behind IT upgrades are business expansion and the need/ desire for virtualisation.

Understanding budget constraints and network needs are critical to the success of any upgrade. Discussing expectations up front will allow businesses to prioritise what and when they upgrade certain devices. When upgrading it is important to consider the follow to strengthen core functions with their IT upgrade.


Maintaining connections is critical to any business. Most business will reach a point where there is a need to move their computing technology to the next level. This could mean an upgrade to internal networking or investing in larger internet pipelines

Backup Internet

Today, most businesses business occurs over the internet, therefore maintaining an internet connection is crucial to bottom line. Multiple internet connection minimise the risk of complete network outages.

Investing in a backup modem can further guarantee you a connection, should you lose your main connection. A backup modem ensures alternate connectivity.

While back up modems may run slower than you primary connection it is a cheap way to secure business connectivity through an emergency.


Virtualisation can have immediate positive and measurable impacts on business overall functions and efficiency. Upgrading networks can keep your organization competitive and even ultimately save you money.

Almost all organisations will at some point start to have ‘growing pains’, when this occurs they will need an upgrade or to rebuild to stay competitive and profitable. By considering the tips above and speaking to a solutions provider, you can gain valuable in0depth knowledge and expertise on a wide range of topics that are available, that you may not have been aware off or get from a retailer.