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Digital Transformation Strategies

By Stern Curator on 20/04/16 11:22 AM


The mantra pervading IT today is that businesses are being rapidly and massively digitally disrupted and must undergo digital transformation into digital business to survive and prosper. That’s easier said than done, and there’s no end of advice on how to go about it. Here’s one model.

This one comes from Dell and is encapsulated in the ‘the five Rs’:  recognise, rethink, render, re-organise and realise. It’s a handy way identifying and delineating all the stages of the process, but hardly revolutionary.

For example, stage 1, the Recognise phase, requires “consultants, business leaders and IT executives to work together to understand the digital possibilities present in the overall business environment.”

Once those have been identified, in the Re-think phase “the team identifies the requirements for achieving future state digital strategies and the appropriate key performance indicators for measuring success.”

Then comes the Render phase “in which the project team builds digital models and prototypes based on journey maps to begin moving from vision to reality.”

In the Re-organise phase “the project team gets ready for implementation by prioritising transformation initiatives, identifying needed skills, tools and technology resources.”

Finally comes the Realise phase in which the project team “brings its transformation vision into life by deploying and integrating the solutions it has envisioned, designed and prototyped.”

This could be summed up in one sentence using the same journey metaphor: figure out where you need to go, determine what you need for the journey, get the gear together and test it on a short trip; Gather the team and all the resources you need for the real journey and set off.

In a recent interview with WhaTech, Lanrex’s Managing director Jodie Korber noted “the brave organisations that commit to change, and make deliberate steps towards digital are the ones that get the most benefit in the long term”.

And, like any major undertaking, as the report, The road to digital transformation: turning strategy into execution, says: “Careful planning is the key to success.

"Companies that dive into digital transformation without adequate preparation are usually dissatisfied with the results, so the first steps on any digital journey should be developing a strategic vision and roadmap and balancing those plans with organisational readiness.” 

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