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Secure your Mobile Workforce – How to protect your employees on the go

By Stern Curator on 20/10/15 11:00 AM

smartphone-mobile-security-digital-workforceWith our workforce changing and the advent of bring your own device (BYOD) over the last decade, personal security threats are now being transferred to corporate threats.

Mobile phones are now able to seamlessly connect and disconnect from corporate systems accessing sensitive data and then connecting to less secure systems – all the while bypassing the same security measures built for Personal Computers.

When discussing mobile security, it is best to focus on five basic security flaws: architectural flaws, loss of device, platform system weaknesses, permission problemsand application software weakness.

Some of the greatest risks from having a mobile workforce or digital workspaces are: user’s willingness to tap the ‘accept’ button on whatever permissions apps request, allowing trojen and other foreign viruses into their devices.

Other large risk factors come from fragmentation of devices amongst colleagues, there are multiple versions of smart devices as a result many people within the same organisation may be using outdated software and apps that are plagued with security breaches.

The bottom line is that securing mobile devices should be top priority. Whether you have a BYOD policy or not, mobile devices are integral to business productivity and you don’t want to leave any back doors open for thieves to sneak in.

Writing a BYOD policy forces companies to think things through before they let employees loose on their secure networks.  

Questions that must be settled by the organisation’s leadership during the planning stage include:

  • Which web browsers should employees use?
  • Which security tools offer the best protection?
  • What level of technical support provided by our IT?

A companies BYOD Policy should include the following sub sections:

  • Introduction
  • Acceptable Use
  • Devices and Support
  • Reimbursement
  • Security
  • Risks/Liabilities/Disclaimers

For more information on acceptable security for your mobile workforce and the best way to Manage and implement your mobile workforce, Contact Lanrex today.

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