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Driving sales with a comprehensive CRM online system

By Guy Wallis on 22/08/16 8:00 AM

The Business Need

With a sales force located in a number of locations and supplying a wide range of products for a number of industries, UES realised they need to move beyond spreadsheets and multiple information sources to consolidate their sales data and increase efficiency.

 Key Challenges

They had used a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in the past but it did not suit their environment, which led to frustration and staff backing away from using it.  An effective salesforce, they were not IT gurus but busy technical representatives who needed to realise the benefits of a CRM Online for it to be accepted.

Reporting through various levels of management was critical, particularly given the number of office locations and product lines involved.


A system which suited the UES requirements, that was straight forward and easy to use was mandatory.

Lanrex already provided a comprehensive IT support service to UES and were approached to investigate and advise on an appropriate solution for the sales team and senior management.

It was also necessary to have appropriate fields and check boxes to enable filtering on products, clients and issues.  This is where Lanrex played a key role, designing the database structure to suit UES requirements.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been implemented to provide the required functionality.

Lanrex provided application training both face-to-face and remotely via Skype.  This has since been followed up with further training and a workshop during a recent sales meeting in Sydney.  This included Lanrex discussing options with the sales team and drawing up a wish list for future developments.

Peter Criddle the General Manager Sales appreciated how Lanrex took the time to understand the UES business and their requirements for a CRM.  Peter said, “Jodie Korber didn’t assume she knew it all and listened to what they had to say.”

The Results

Regular reporting has now been achieved at all levels within sales from the account representatives to the branch manager and to senior management.  The sales team has an effective electronic diary recording all aspects of customer contact, with alerts for follow-up and future activity.

UES staff are able to filter the data by such things as product, issue, or specialist with the ability to focus on a particular product line or market or combinations of fields.

The sales team is able to now access the CRM remotely using iPads to record meeting information as it happens, which is then available to all users for any required follow-up.

The Future

The CRM has the functionality and flexibility to enable UES to expand its use and this is on the agenda for the future.

According to Peter Criddle, Lanrex is always available and quick to respond to any issues raised.  “They make recommendations, they don’t dictate on how to do things and you never feel you have to fit into a box.”  “We haven’t felt we need to change our business, our way of doing things, to suit the system, it has been made to work for us.”

This has given UES the confidence to expand the use of the CRM broadening the scope of the information they will be able to achieve from their sales data.

About UES International

Established in Australia in 1904, UES International has achieved steady growth, expanding to a number of overseas markets, leading globally with its design, manufacturing and supply divisions.

UES is still an Australian family owned company, with specialist products in seating, industrial, marine and transportation hardware.  Their transport business is focused on public and commercial transport, service vehicle and equipment hardware products.  Specialised industrial products are used extensively in sheet metal fabrication, electrical and electronic housings to service the mining and oil and gas industries.

Offices are located in all Australian States and Territories and in New Zealand.


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