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Why you should upgrade your technology

Why do you need to upgrade the information technology in your business? The answer’s simple: Moore’s Law. It can be interpreted in several ways but the most relevant for this question is that it means the information technology bang you can get for your buck roughly doubles every two years – whether that’s in processing power, storage, or general functionality

The human factor in digital transformation

Embrace the New age - If your workplace isn't digital you're already behind your competition

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Michele Clemens

Recent Posts

Congratulations Jodie Korber, Managing Director at Lanrex on becoming a finalist at ARN Women in ICT Awards
By Michele Clemens
June 15, 2021

ARN is proud to announce the finalists of the new-look Women in ICT Awards (WIICTA), housing a record-breaking number of submissions in what will be the largest celebration of female excellence..

How to Create a Security Policy for Your SMB
By Michele Clemens
November 18, 2020

Many successful SMBs have developed formal, documented IT security policies to govern operations both in their offices and in the field. These policies educate employees and guide behaviour, in..

3 Tips For Teaching Employees About Ransomware
By Michele Clemens
November 18, 2020

Ransomware is now considered a fact of life in today’s cyber security landscape, but that doesn’t mean SMBs are protecting themselves from a potential ransomware attack or even know it’s a..

4 Common Cyber Security Mistakes To Avoid
By Michele Clemens
November 10, 2020

With massive data breaches making headlines on a regular basis, it’s hard to ignore the fact that data security is becoming increasingly important. Unfortunately, there are still far too many SMBs..

The Dangers of Malware to SMBs
By Michele Clemens
October 30, 2020

A cyber attack can cripple any business no matter how big or small. Nowadays, 60% of small businesses that experience cyber attacks can suffer long-term damage, with many of them going out of..

Bright & Duggan: Refining Your IT Strategy for Business Success
By Michele Clemens
August 4, 2020

Bright & Duggan is Australia's market leader and employer of choice in the strata and property industry. Established in 1977, they have experienced significant growth from just two employees and a..

5 Tips to Help Your Employees Stay Connected and Productive
By Michele Clemens
March 24, 2020

The COVID-19 epidemic has brought on a revolution in workforces today as social distancing calls have made teams adapt to a remote work arrangement. As a result, many team leaders and managers have..

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