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5 IT trends to pay attention to in the next 10 years.

By Sarika Vatner on 14/07/15 10:00 AM

Topics: IT Strategy

Technology is changing at an astronomical pace, and the adoption rate is even more impressive. Consider the fact that the worlds data amounts are doubling and the number of devices connected to the internet has reached nearly 12 billion. In this day and age if your website isn’t mobile phone friendly it won’t even show up in google 

 5 IT trends to pay attention to in the next 10 years






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This article analyses 5 trends that have either grown in importance over the last 3-5 year and new emerging trends that have developed tremendous growth and traction all of which are predicted to be big business for the next decade.

1 and 2: Data and Advanced Analytics are two trends that have stormed the business world, offering a huge competitive advantage to organisations. These two trends need to be deeply embedded across functions and operations that enable managers to have a better basis for understanding markets and making business decisions.

Data and analytics as part of a new foundation for competitiveness. Global data volumes are doubling faster than ever before. The power of analytics is rising while costs are falling and data visualization, wireless communications, and cloud infrastructure are extending the power and reach of information, enabling businesses to access privileged information that was once unavailable – or available at a high cost.

The abundance of data from multiple touch points combined with new analytic tools, we see companies are getting better and better at customizing products and services through the creation of consumer microsegments.

3 and 4: Social technologies and the Social Matrix are becoming key component in organisational infrastructure, connecting employees, customers and suppliers like we have never seen before. Check out how Social networks can increase your businesses productivity for 20-25% (link to social networks increase productivity article) Social networks have become a business phenomenon changing the environment in which business is conducted. We have seen an increase with organisations taking on ‘distributed problem solving’, tapping the brain power of customers and experts for breakthrough thinking.

In Today’s day and age, social perceptions are one of the most pivotal factors when our customers are deciding on a product to purchase, no social engagement or following can be detrimental to your business.

5: Cloud – Everything is a service whilst not a ‘new’ trend, it is a trend that is taking off and causing major disruptions to the IT stratosphere. The cloud has the ability to deliver digital power at low cost and in small increments, is not only changing the profile of corporate IT departments but also helping to spawn a range of new business models by shifting the economics of “rent versus buy” trade-offs for companies and consumers.

Cloud is attractive because it allows investors to replace the big capital investments experienced with traditional IT with strategic and flexible incremental payment plans.

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