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Why you should upgrade your technology

Why do you need to upgrade the information technology in your business? The answer’s simple: Moore’s Law. It can be interpreted in several ways but the most relevant for this question is that it means the information technology bang you can get for your buck roughly doubles every two years – whether that’s in processing power, storage, or general functionality

The human factor in digital transformation

Embrace the New age - If your workplace isn't digital you're already behind your competition

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The Top 7 Benefits of Migrating to Office 365
By Jodie Korber
August 10, 2017

Since its initial release in June of 2011, Microsoft’s Office 365 has grown from “just another productivity suite” to one of the dominant tools in its category available today. Thanks to the way..

Digital Transformation Explained
By Jodie Korber
December 22, 2016

‘Digital transformation’ is the phrase on everyone’s lips. Blogs and social networks are overflowing with posts on this topic, and CEOs are suddenly expected to be ‘in the know’ about digital..

How can you make Office 365 tools work for your business?
By Jodie Korber
December 16, 2016

Changing your business’ technology can be a daunting prospect. The risks in changing your current technology solution may be concerning as time, money, and energy are at stake.

In this blog we..

Want to boost your organisations productivity with Yammer?
By Jodie Korber
August 31, 2016

Communication technologies have always been changing – we’ve used carrier pigeons, telegrams, telephone, fax, paper, email and now we have Enterprise Social Networking (ESN). For many executives..

Agribusiness insurer on the trail for a reliable IT provider
By Guy Wallis
August 25, 2016

The Business Need

As a small to medium business, AgriRisk realised very early on that technology wasn’t a core strength of theirs and required specialist knowledge to achieve the best results.

Increasing Retail Growth with a Cloud Infrastructure & CRM Online
By Guy Wallis
August 16, 2016


Office 365 for small business - Is it worth it?
By Stern Curator
September 29, 2015

Microsoft office 2016 was released to the world on 22nd September 2015, this is almost 3 years since the last major version of Microsoft was released. Simply put, Microsoft office 2016 is a new..

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