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Why you should upgrade your technology

Why do you need to upgrade the information technology in your business? The answer’s simple: Moore’s Law. It can be interpreted in several ways but the most relevant for this question is that it means the information technology bang you can get for your buck roughly doubles every two years – whether that’s in processing power, storage, or general functionality

The human factor in digital transformation

Embrace the New age - If your workplace isn't digital you're already behind your competition

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When faced with a technology scare, see how these Aussie engineers turned their tech troubles into a competitive advantage
By Jodie Korber
November 22, 2018

UES International have been providing specialised industrial solutions since 1904. When they started to expand their business, they began to experience early symptoms of technology trouble:..

How to Identify and Tackle Technology Instability
By Jodie Korber
November 21, 2018

When Sydney-based Complete Credit Solutions (CCS) was founded in 2012, the partners had a clear plan for how they'd like their business to develop. And they knew they'd have a fairly substantial..

Improving results with a CRM and IT strategy implementation
By Guy Wallis
August 31, 2016

The Business Need

The SME Team within DUAL work with brokers on a day-to-day basis on new business opportunities.  Prior to January 2016 a review of their current processes highlighted areas which..

All systems go for CanTeen's IT relocation mission
By Guy Wallis
August 30, 2016

The Business Need

A office relocation to new premises from the Sydney CBD to Newtown, cut over to a new WAN and relocating IT infrastructure to a new data centre.

Agribusiness insurer on the trail for a reliable IT provider
By Guy Wallis
August 25, 2016

The Business Need

As a small to medium business, AgriRisk realised very early on that technology wasn’t a core strength of theirs and required specialist knowledge to achieve the best results.

Driving sales with a comprehensive CRM online system
By Guy Wallis
August 22, 2016

The Business Need

With a sales force located in a number of locations and supplying a wide range of products for a number of industries, UES realised they need to move beyond spreadsheets and..

Increasing Retail Growth with a Cloud Infrastructure & CRM Online
By Guy Wallis
August 16, 2016


Relief from IT growing pains for a rising underwriter
By Guy Wallis
August 11, 2016

Established in Sydney in 2004, DUAL Australia is an insurance underwriter specialising in the corporate and mid-market sector.

Solving IT issues with a Managed Service Provider
By Guy Wallis
August 9, 2016

The Business Need

As their business expanded, DUAL’s IT Infrastructure also grew quickly. However the company didn’t have an overarching strategy to manage this

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